HVAC Zoning

heating and air condition zoning
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One Home.
ManY comfort Zones.

Do you have temperature differences in your home?

Is your upstairs hot in the summer?

Do you use space heaters or window air conditioners to make rooms in your home more comfortable?

With zoning, you can create “zones” within your home to control the temperature for that specific area. A zone can be one room or multiple rooms, and each area will get its own thermostat to control the comfort.

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Retrofit Or new Construction

Zoning can be used on your existing furnace and air conditioner and your existing ductwork, which makes is an affordable comfort option. If you decide to upgrade your HVAC equipment at a later date, the zoning will remain in the ductwork and will be connected to your new equipment.

Zoning can also save you money! When you only heat and cool the necessary rooms in your home, you’re reducing the run time on your equipment; therefore saving you money. You don’t use one light switch to turn on all the lights in your home, so why use only one thermostat to heat and cool your home?


Consistent comfort Solutions

Now, your upstairs can be as cool as your downstairs…or your basement can be heated only when you use it…or your tri-level home can be even and comfortable…that’s the beauty of zoning. You create just the right comfort pattern to keep your family comfortable throughout your home.
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